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Today, Wednesday August 8th, will go down in my art history as a Very Special Day, for I have an illustration printed in The Globe & Mail. If you pick up a copy, go to the Life section & flip it over to find Facts & Arguments, there my birds will be!

It was a thrill working on my first professional illustration, and I couldn’t be happier with how well it printed and how awesome it looks.

The illustration should also eventually be online here (it’s not up yet, but if you miss the paper copy, it’ll be there soon).

Reblawgging party, just in case you folk aren’t following my proper art blog yet. Also, guys…I AM A PUBLISHED ILLUSTRATOR, WHOAH.


Working on the Graven Feather calendar for 2013. Here are two of my images (the three of us each create four images. The theme this year is botanical stuff).


And so begins the blog of The Commonwealth Studio. We have a portfolio, a logo and have started work with marvelous clients, including CARE Centre for IENs, Broken Pencil, Bicycles for Humanity Huron-Perth and Tour de Greenbelt.

Here’s where you can find all our updates on studio news and see what we’re up to right now, so drop by often!


Ian & Jess

The Commonwealth Studio, a.k.a. the design company I started with my good buddy Sully, is now all social media adorned. If you’re into people chatting about design process and posting various art-type things, we can offer all that and more, so, uh, follow us. Pretty please!

We also have a place where we tweet. There are a whole two tweets so far. Fancy.


I present to you The Regretful Lepidopterist, a new illustration meant to both feed my current butterfly obsession (stay tuned for an equally butterfly-fueled digitally-drawn poster job, to be shown here after it debuts in the magazine for which it was intended) AND let me try out my newish human-drawing technique in a more elaborate setting than my sketchbook.

I’m working on a couple other similar unusual characters (a young taxidermist and a pigeon-fancier) and hope to post them soon(ish).


For the first time in a long time, I had a chance to just ramble-art (a.k.a. drawing/painting things in a sketchbook with no requirement for it to be a final/’good’ piece) and it was surprisingly productive. As mentioned in one of my last posts, I’m working on stylizing my human beings somewhat, and painting the existing sketch-practice-people made me a bit more confident about their current direction.

The only issue is the flimsiness of Moleskine paper - was the stuff in the blank book always this thin? Even 2H pencil shows right through, which seems a bit ridiculous.


On Wednesday, I went to see Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom (and, as per usual with that fellow’s films, fell in love with it and wanted to watch it on loop so I could live inside the beautiful world Anderson has created).

Then last night after the rain, the evening light bathed the city in a glorious golden light, making the whole world look like one of Anderson’s impeccably art-directed creations. These pictures have been enhanced with Instagram filters, but they’re not that far off from how the light made things look.

This experience only confirms the fact that, if some weird wormhole situation happened and there was a possibility of leaping feetfirst into a Wes Anderson movie, I probably would.


My wee embroidered monsters, now grumbling about in a group show at my gallery - for more info (and to see my fellow incredible artists), visit the Graven Feather Website!


P.S: The rest of the beastly things are lurking in the shop section of the gallery. Again, if you want to come visit them, the Graven Feather website has all the necessary info.


I’m going to have a few pieces in this art show at Graven Feather. Everybody come to the opening on June 2 please.

I also as well have stuff in this show (and it’s at my gallery. FANCY). COME TO IT.




T-Rexes were born in wee little eggs, and they came out all tiny and adorable. I know, I know: paleontologists have been saying this for years, but we never believed them because they couldn’t produce tiny adorable plushies to prove it. UNTIL NOW.

Micro T-Rex is three inches of soft and fuzzy adorable, and comes with that removable plastic keychain clip you see pictured, so he’s ready to hang out wherever you go! He is Down for Hangouts!

I would type more but he’s TOO CUTE, look at his little arms, i’m DYING

Guys these just came out today and I really think you should buy one.  Only $8.50!  How can you put a PRICE on LOVE 

What if I do a mini-t-Rex mini-giveaway…..??

This is a great idea!  EVERYONE who reblogs this gets one entry, and tomorrow I will choose one reblog at random and send them one!  REBLOG AWAY AND T-REX MIGHT COME LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE / HANG OFF YOUR FINGERS AND KEYS